Saturday, March 17, 2007

Run BASIC Personal IDE sneak peek

Here is a link to a screencast showing how Run BASIC can be used to create a blogging application with very little code. Enjoy!


Noble Bell said...

This is very awesome. I really like how simple it is to work with.

I cannot wait for more...

Andrew said...


mruk4u said...

I confess that I'm a hardcore BASIC fan. At 23 years old I was given a TANDY RADIO SHACK COLOR COMPUTER II -(plug the box into the back of your TV to use as a screen)- for my birthday; which came equipped with MS -(MicroSoft)- BASIC; this means, I was brought up on original BASIC using line numbers/GOTO statements. In college I used RM BASIC to learn from. I brought an Atari machine on which I used FASTBASIC/STOS BASIC/GFA BASIC. I also brought a hand held PSION XPII/and, PSION Series 3a...which used OPL/Organiser Programming language -which was very BASIC like. Later at work, I used a language called, BASICA, on an IBM PC. Then, I brought a PC for my own use at home; the Win95 PC CD ROM came with a FREE MS DOS QBASIC-a modern version of BASIC needing no line numbers/and, no GOTO statements. My next step was to move onto using VBScript inside of HTML web pages to do client side (local machine) programming. Too, I've used VBScript in conjunction with ASP code for server side (remote machine) programming. From there I next moved onto to learning to use Visual BASIC for both DOS/Windows. -(I've still not used Visual BASIC .NET, yet?!) And, now, this...I'm truly most utterly amazed at just how GREAT a programming language BASIC is; invented in the early 60's; and, yet still going on strong even now, today, in the year 2000+. Also, I note there seems to be no end of possible learning pathways that are open to you once you've already gone and learnt to use this language; because, each time I do any online research I find somebody has invented either another use for BASIC/or else, has gone and created a brand new version of the language(I remember looking at DarkBASIC for games/LiberyBASIC/-etc.); and, now, this...; I'm now aged 44 -which is over 20 years on from when I first started learning BASIC-/if I ever get to ages 54/64/74/84/94/-etc. Then, I'm sure, I will still be discovering more BASIC's; because programming languages don't just keep still; but, instead, have to evolve -(or else, die!)- to fit in with the constantly changing times.

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