Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Java and BASIC - Simplicity and backwards compatibility?

Bruce Eckel and Joshua Bloch kick the can around about Java and complexity. Read about it here:


I especially like this quote about Java and web development:
Web application development - this is difficult, and developing web applications with complex and underpowered technologies like JSP and JSF "is like eating soup with a fork"

I've been a Java programmer for 7 years. I've never liked the language. It always seemed to me to be much too verbose and controlling. It's amazing to me that it has been so popular, but that is more of a marketing accomplishment than anything else.

Run BASIC is a web programming system in development, and a really important part of what Scott McLaughlin and I are trying to do is to manage how the language grows. One important question to ask is how much emphasis to place on backwards compatibility as we more forward. Our goal is to create the best BASIC for the web, and it should still be simple and fun to use even as it becomes more powerful.

I invite your comments. :-)

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Tom said...

Being essentially a new product, I don't think backwards-compatability is a big deal. Whatever makes it simple AND powerful, that is what I would do. This is the one chance to get it right for RunBasic.