Saturday, July 25, 2009

Searching for BASIC

When people search for BASIC online using Google or Bing, or whatever, what keywords do they search with? Some of the obvious choices to me are:

  • basic
  • basic for windows
  • qbasic
  • visual basic
  • vb

How would you search for BASIC?


jrjohnson1 said...

lots of stuff shows up:

basic interpreter download
basic compiler download

Anonymous said...

It depends on what I need. If I want to look for different BASIC dialects, I'll search for "BASIC dialects". The same goes for "BASIC programming tutorials", and so on..

David den Haring said...

"BASIC" and "basic" bring up slightly different search results as well.

bedstrom said...

Here are a few of my ideas:

Basic language
basic programming
visual basic alternative
easy progamming languages
easy web programming

Rick said...

I searched for "free basic programming" with Google and Just Basic was the first result.