Monday, March 27, 2006

Programming for Fun in 10 Minutes

I found an interesting article where the author (Peter Norvig) complains about book titles that promise to teach programming in 24 hours, 7 days, 21 days, etc. He makes a really good point which is that it usually does take several years to become skilled as a programmer. However, in my own experience it doesn't even take a single day to learn enough programming to have fun doing it. Many of my readers will certainly agree with me when I say that doing it for fun is reason enough. If it isn't fun, you're probably not ever going to be any good at it. ;-)

For the curious, here's the link to his article: Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years


Cassio (bshipps64) said...

Hey Carl,
Good to see activity on your blog again. I came across this same article a couple weeks ago. The more I learn about programming, the more I feel Mr. Norvig's sentiment is reinforced. Conversely, I completely agree with (and am an example of) your notion that you can learn in less than one day enough to have fun. It's interesting to note how Liberty fits with Mr. Norvig's stated points of summary under the 'Language Choice' portion of the article's appendix.

Carl Gundel said...

Just to follow up on my own post, Mr. Norvig does mention in his article that the learner should try to have fun, and that this is an important ingredient. :-)

Noble D. Bell said...

I agree with you Carl. The urge to do something fun and the challenge of being able to take idea's from one's head and make it into something that a machine can understand and return a meanningful result to a user is what got me into programming to start with. I am 37 years old and I started programming on an Atari 400 16k computer with tape drive. Everyone else was buying computers to play games on but I wanted one to make my own programs. I cut my teeth on Basic, Assembly, and Pascal. In later years I have moved into C and .Net. But, oddly enough, I keep coming back to my grass roots of Basic. Liberty BASIC is the closest thing I can find that makes programming fun for me again, like in the days of just starting out. Good work Carl, my hat is off to you friend!