Monday, December 08, 2008

Run BASIC v1.01!

I'm excited to announce that we've released Run BASIC v1.01. In addition to the Windows version, this is our first release for the Macintosh and also for Linux. Now we also have a free edition (not time limited!) so you can go and try it on your own computer. Run (don't walk) immediately to and get your own copy.


itsthemedication said...

I did run!

I'm an old user of Liberty Basic that has wandered off to YaBasic since I'm almost always on Linux these days. For some reason, Liberty Basic popped up in my thoughts today and I just went exploring and saw Run Basic for Linux which apparently only came out yesterday!!! I immediately installed it on Mandriva 2009, and it is working like a champ! Great idea, great software!

Just a couple of thoughts. Your RunBasic front page needs to be updated since it states in one place that it is windows only, and then mentions win/Linux/OS X. The following might be added to your readme file inside the Linux version:

1. Remember to --> chmod +x rbp before running it as described
2. Open the application in your browser using http://localhost:8008
3. Click on preferences and point to the directory where the software is residing for Projects and resources the refresh the screen to get the run button. I unzipped your software in my home directory Download folder so I had to point to:


Thanks again. Best of luck!

Carl Gundel said...


Run BASIC is supposed to set the projects and public paths automatically and it seems to pretty well for most people who've tried. You are not the first person to mention that it needed to be set manually. Perhaps it is a permissions issue of some kind?

In my own testing I have not needed to use chmod, but each distro must have its special needs. ;-)

bob jacques said...

when will we get a sleep command in RunBASIC?