Monday, December 15, 2008


I found an article named Web programming is hard to do right by a fellow named Bert Hubert. He does a nice job of explaining what is so hard about web programming and then goes on to describe how it could be done right. He even includes some BASIC code as an example. I like the questions he asks:
  • How did we arrive at this mess?
  • That's just the way it works, isn't it?
  • How should it be then?
  • Why not go back to the old days?
This article really resonates with the ideas that inspired Run BASIC. We need more people who think this way.

He provides some C-like code implementing what the BASIC code does. I guess that this new scripting language is code for a language called Imposter by Gabor Vitez which he mentions in a note at the top of his article.

I did a quick search for information about Imposter and its author but it seems to have withdrawn from the Internet. Does anyone know where to get a copy of Imposter to have a look?