Monday, December 28, 2015

New features of Liberty BASIC v4.5.0

This exciting new release of Liberty BASIC increases memory available 14x over the previous version, adds new string functions, the ability to fetch web pages, and new code editor enhancements.  Download your copy now!  Click here.

New features of Liberty BASIC v4.5.0
  • Memory space raised to 1GB from 70MB
  • Ctrl+click on a branch label or SUB name to jump to that place in the code
  • Double click on a variable name or handle to highlight other occurences of that item in yellow
  • New httpget$() function so now you can get a file from a webserver without API calls
  • New string functions make it easier to do some things and with faster performance.
    • upto$(sourceString$, search$
    • after$(sourceString$, search$
    • afterlast$(sourceString$, search$)
    • endswith(sourceString$, search$)
    • remchar$(sourceString$, removeThese$)
  • Removed arbitrary limitations on the baud rates that can be specified when opening a serial port.
  • Upgraded to NTPort v2.8 from v2.3 to add compatibility for 64-bit versions of Windows.
  • The Liberty BASIC editor now remembers its size and location when you start LB.
  • Added a filter bad characters feature in the LB editor help the compiler, especially when code is pasted in from a web browser.
  • Increased the FILEDIALOG length of the file path from 128 to 260 which is the Windows file dialog maximum path length.
  • Added FIND, FINDBACK, and RESETFIND commands to the text window and texteditor control.
  • Added !backcolor and !forecolor commands to texteditor controls and text windows
  • Several bug fixes