Friday, August 19, 2016

Graphing Data - Setting the stage

If I have a set of data for sales, or temperature, or mosquito populations, or anything at all and I want to plot it on an X/Y graph, what are my choices for layout?

Should our graphing library figure out what the ranges are and set its own scaling?  Should it require that we tell it up front what the X and Y scales are?  Maybe it can even be designed to allow for changing the scale on the fly?

It would be great if our data plotting graphics library could handle plotting to screen, saving that to a file as a bitmap, and also plotting to a printer.

How about data sources and formats?  Should we design it to accept one or more strings of delimited values?  In the graphing example at it allows you to upload a CSV file with data to plot.  Maybe as an interesting example I should find a downloadable file from a scientific website and the project should be to plot a graph from that?

Feedback welcome.  More to come.