Thursday, September 06, 2018

New Liberty BASIC Projects Area

I've created a new area on the Liberty BASIC Community Forum over at Proboards here:

Here is copy from a post I made there about the purpose of the board:
I created this area of the board for a specific reason.  I want to create libraries free code for specific purposes and also some programs for the specific purpose of promoting Liberty BASIC.

So, for example:
  • A game framework and some examples. Side scrolling games, platform games, etc., with sprites, sound effects, background music that can use the keyboard, mouse, or joystick. etc.
  • A business application including forms, an ODBC database, printed output (tables, forms, bar charts, histograms)
  • A graphical editor - a mini CAD program or similar
  • Hardware interfacing - a monitor program for experimenting with serial devices

Suggestions welcome.  Is there any particular thing you know how to do well, or that you would like to be able to do in Liberty BASIC?  Let's make these things into actual reusable code  that people can use, and that can be included with Liberty BASIC.
I will also blog here about these projects as they progress.

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